Are you a current college student with a University appointed email? Are you a student scrapping by, trying to stretch that dollar as far as it can go? What if I told you that being a college student opens a number of doors to discounts and special offers? Well, it must be your lucky day, because its all true!

If you have a University linked email and access to it, there are a number of discounts available to you in order to make your life through college just a bit cheaper. Though college tuition is still a mammoth when it comes to fees and charges, some companies have realized this and decided to aid the poor college student with discounted or even free access to their products and services. The following are a few of the companies, but there are even more depending on where you are attending college.



Photo Credits: Microsoft Corporation

As we all well know, Microsoft has a multitude of products and services, but one of its biggest is its Microsoft Office Suite, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, OneDrive, and Publisher. All of these programs are essential to the modern day student, but they are very expensive. For a year subscription to the Office Suite that gives you access to all these systems, it costs around $70. This means that for a year, you can use these products, but once the year is up, you have to repurchase the subscription. With a student email account associated with a University, you can get these products for free, continuously renewing the subscription until the email account is no longer active. To get this free subscription, simply go to Microsoft’s website and enter your email. From there, an email will be sent to you to confirm you have access to it and it will enable you to download your free subscription. And there you have it! Free products to get you through college and help you through your classes! They also offer other discounts on their products. Just check out their Microsoft Education page for more information.



Photo Credits: Apple Corporation

Apple offers discounts on a number of their products. They have you verify that you are in fact a student/teacher at a University then you are able to get access to discounted prices on Apple products. They also offer something called Education Support that gives you extra support while on campus. If you are a student, you can also sign up to listen to Apple Music at a discounted price per month as long as your email continues to work. Apple as a company offers many different useful services, and tries to also encourage the hiring of University individuals. There are whole programs set up around hiring student workers who can be on campus to help with any technical difficulties users may encounter. Check out their Job Board for any new openings that might be a fit for you.

Spotify & Hulu


Photo Credits: Spotify AB

Do you enjoy listening to music on the go? What about being up to date on all your favorite T.V. Shows? Well here is a deal for you to keep yourself from going crazy from studying for hours on end. The popular streaming music service, Spotify, and the top rival of Netflix, Hulu, have come together to bring students all over the world the ultimate entertainment deal. For a small price of $4.99 a month, you get unlimited access to Spotify’s music library without commercials, and a free subscription to Hulu. Now is the time to take control of your social life! Don’t over do it with the studying; take some time to kick back and relax, catch up with your favorite shows, or listen to an awesome playlist while you work out. All you have to do is go to Spotify’s website and pick the sweet package deal with Hulu to get started.



Photo Credits: Amazon Services LLC

Amazon has grown immensely since its inception a decade ago. It started off as a regular book store, and now it sells you anything you can ever imagine. Another thing that Amazon offers is a Student Prime membership. This allows you all the perks of being a regular Prime holder; the faster delivery, special discounts, new alerts for just Prime members, and more. With the Prime Student account, the first six months of the membership is free, and afterwards, you are eligible for a discounted price as long as you stay in school. Pretty cool right? They also send you emails informing you of discounts for college neccessities as well as help you find the books you need at a lower cost. Amazon will allow you to keep your Student membership up until after you are finished with school. Once your email is no longer active, you will have to sign up for a regular account or kiss those Prime Days goodbye.

There are a ton of other companies that are not related to technology that also offer discounts to students. The Insider has a pretty comprehensive list of other services and companies offering discounts, as well as LifeHacker, The Simple Dollar, and Best Colleges Online. You should also check out UNiDAYS for other offers that might apply to University students. They have many offers continuously changing on their site, and it is a great way to see anything new popping up.

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