People are always complaining about how slow their phone is running or how the battery keeps on dying prematurely. Here are some tips to keep your phone, whether it be an Apple or an Android, as if you had just bought it off the shelf.

1. Let it die naturally

People nowadays seem to be afraid to let their phone reach below 20% battery life. The thing is? It is actually very beneficial for your phone to die naturally at least once a month. This allows the battery to take a break, so to speak, from constantly being on.  Though it sounds conflicting, by letting your phone die once a month naturally, it extends its battery life.

2. Restart your phone

Another way to help with any battery problems is by restarting your phone or powering it off for around 5 minutes each week. For iPhones, you need to hold down the power button and the home button at the same time to “restart” your phone. For Androids, hold the power button down and click power off. Keep your phone off for at least 5 minutes then turn it back on. This allows your phone to refresh itself, reanalyzing its system and apps to check for updates as well as making sure everything is on the up and up.

3. Clear your open apps

Sometimes your phone is running slower than usual because it has too much open all at once, continuously refreshing those apps to keep them updated for your use. A way to fix this is to “delete” those apps, removing the need for your phone to continue to refresh them. For iPhones, you need to double click your home button and swipe up on any apps open. For Android, hold down the home button and swipe left or right on each app page open. This will also allow the app to update itself to give you any new notifications and alerts.

4. Turn off your Location

Another reason why a phone’s battery dies so quickly is the Location Services is turned on. With this running on in the background, it takes a lot of juice. Not every app needs to know your location, yet when you download apps, they tend to have that enabled with or without your permission. You can manage which apps have access to your location through your Settings app. The more apps you turn off your location for, the less this service will take from your battery. It is good practice to check this setting at least once every other month, especially if you have downloaded new apps, to make sure the correct apps are enabled for use of Location Services.

5. Don’t always charge it

This step falls along the same lines as the first two. By not always charging your phone, you allow the phone to die naturally and keeps the battery from having the handicap of never getting below a certain battery percentage. For example, if you never unplug your phone, once it is unplugged, the battery is completely shot and will not hold a charge, leaving your phone to be a very expensive brick within a few minutes. By not always charging your phone, you lower your chances of having a shot battery and also allow yourself to complete the other steps, lengthing your battery life.

These are some quick tips that will enhance your phone’s life and likelihood to run faster. There are other things you can do on top of these, but by starting with these steps, you will start to notice a difference in a few months.

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