How to Solve Common ADA Issues

Within the last decade, ADA has become more and more prominent, especially with each new advancement that technology has. In this blog post, I will explain ADA, why we fix ADA issues, and some common issues that anyone can fix. Hopefully, this will enlighten more people to start taking action and make ADA issues disappear … Continue reading How to Solve Common ADA Issues


Building Your Website: Things To Know

If you are thinking about building a website, there are a couple of things you should think about first. If you are able to confidently answer all the following questions with difinitive answers you aren’t thinking of changing any time soon, then you are more than ready to start your website. 1. What will my … Continue reading Building Your Website: Things To Know

Cmd + Help!

Recently, I blogged about short cuts you can use with a Windows Computer. Now, just like with phones, not everyone owns the same operating system for their computers. This blog will contain short cuts for all those Apple iOS users to help make their lives just a tad bit easier. It will be a list … Continue reading Cmd + Help!